We are always happy to speak with clients or offer free initial consultations to potential clients. While we handle a wide variety of legal issues at The Law Firm M. Paul Fischer, P.C., these are some of the most common questions we hear.

I am contemplating filing for divorce. What do I need to do before meeting with my attorney?

You can schedule the appointment and show up or you can dig up your financial records. Tax returns from previous years and a list of assets (bank accounts, retirement accounts, property, etc.) will be useful. It is also helpful to consider whether you plan on an uncontested or contested divorce.

Do I need to go to court if I am getting divorced?

Every divorce is different. If the divorce is uncontested and the couple has a civil relationship, an impartial mediator may be the best option. This can keep the legal costs down and ideally create a fresh template for how the divorced family dynamic will work if children are involved.

How is child support determined?

The Arizona Supreme Court has created a set of guidelines that includes income, number of children, the needs of the children, medical care costs and other factors that the couple and their lawyers determine.

Why do I need an attorney if I have been in a motor vehicle accident?

If you are injured because the other driver was negligent, the insurance company may want to settle as soon as possible. However, it is always wise to contact us soon after seeking medical care. We can protect your rights and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for medical expenses and property damage, as well as the pain and suffering you have endured.

Who pays the legal fees in a personal injury case?

Our fees are a percentage of your settlement. In other words, we are paid only when we win your case.

Is there a statute of limitations for personal injury cases?

Yes. It is always best to contact an attorney as soon as possible after seeking medical treatment. Laws change and time limits vary depending on the type of claim, but personal injury matters are two years.

My company is involved in a dispute over the lease of our office space. Can you help?

We handle breach of contract and a wide range of other complex commercial and business litigation matters. We enjoy a reputation in the legal and business community for the quality of our service.

My child was born prematurely because an error in my medical care. Do I have a medical malpractice case?

Every case is unique, but we will likely have a case if our medical experts determine that mistakes were made in the diagnosis or treatment of you and your child.

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