Parent Relocations

The Law Firm of M. Paul Fischer, P.C., is an experienced Arizona law firm in the area of parent relocation representation. Parent relocations can create great animosity between divorced parents that already may have acrimonious relationships. Our firm is experienced at protecting the rights of parents in complex parent relocation cases.

Parents must petition the court to move a child out of state or more than 100 miles from the other parent with court ordered parenting time or child custody. When seeking to move a child, the court must consider what is in the best interest of the child. The parent seeking to relocate must prove that their situation is in the best interest of the child. Parent relocation cases often become extremely complicated and bitter. Our attorneys work with our clients to address the best interests of their children.

Arizona is a signatory to the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), which requires state courts to enforce valid child custody and visitation determinations made by other state courts. This means that the parenting time ruling made by Arizona courts is enforceable even if the custodial or residential parent moves out of state. Often the Arizona courts will issue a post-divorce modification of a parenting time order in an effort to establish a long-distance parenting time order. The attorneys at the Law Firm of M. Paul Fischer P.C. have handled numerous complex parent relocation cases. If you need to relocate with your child or are trying to preserve your parenting time rights, please contact The Law Firm of M. Paul Fischer, P.C. Our Arizona family law attorneys are dedicated to the long-term interests of our clients and their children.