Fathers' Rights

In this era of dual-income families, it is no longer given that the mother is the primary caregiver. Mothers will always have a unique bond with their children, but fathers also have a strong and necessary connection. The courts and family law attorneys recognize this, and it has led to the common practice of joint custody even if the children's primary residence is with one parent. Having both parents equally involved in the family often makes for a happier, healthier and more functional family unit.

The staff at The Law Firm of M. Paul Fischer, P.C., understands this, but mothers and their lawyers may not agree with this belief. We often work with fathers who are trying to stay active in the lives of their children. We listen to their goals for the parenting plan and go to work ensuring that the legal decision-making agreement and parenting plan is fair and workable for all family members.

Issues Fathers Need To Consider

There are many concerns to address when a father gets divorced. These include:

  • Custody (legal decision-making): There has to be a strong reason for the legal decision-making not to be joint.
  • Visitation (parenting plan): It is important to outline a workable arrangement and get it in writing.
  • Relocation: Parents may move to take a new job or be closer to family; this issue should be discussed during divorce negotiations.
  • Modifications: As children get older, they may want to stay with their dad more often.
  • Other issues: There may be other matters unique to the family dynamic or workday issues that need to be addressed.

Having An Impact On Your Children's' Lives

The goal of the fathers' rights movement here in Arizona and elsewhere is to have an equal say in raising children. This is a legal matter that is determined in a divorce agreement, but it is also an emotional one tied to what kind of meaningful impact a dad can have in his children's lives. We understand this and work toward this when negotiating and drafting a divorce agreement.

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