High-Asset Divorce

Filing for divorce often involves difficult decisions and many emotional and financial considerations. This is particularly the case if the couple accumulated substantial assets or a successful business. It can take time to sort through bank accounts, stocks, retirement accounts and property as well as other unique assets of value such as art. The amount of money involved in these decisions can mean additional stress in the decision-making process.

The Law Firm of M. Paul Fischer has extensive experience working with couples here in Mesa and the surrounding area who have large and complicated portfolios. It takes the right lawyer to understand issues of high finance and to bring in the right financial experts to determine the proper value of intangible and tangible assets. At the same time, our attorneys ensure that no unnecessary expenses are incurred during this process.

M. Paul Fischer has a strong business background and has handled many complicated division of business assets cases.

Important Issues To Consider In High-Asset Divorce

Complicated financial situations sometimes lead to complicated divorces. We protect our clients' rights while they navigate this process. Issues may include:

  • Asset protection: Each party is legally bound to include a complete list of all assets, but the same strategies used for shielding assets from creditors in bankruptcy can often be applied to divorce.
  • Division of assets: Arizona is a community property state, which means all property acquired during the marriage is divided equally. This is the presumptive rule, but however has many exceptions.
  • Privacy: Many prefer to keep their personal and financial information out of the public eye, particularly if they have a certain standing in the community. Avoiding court keeps your divorce and personal life private.
  • Custody (Legal Decision-Making): Busy professionals with complicated lives often face more challenges regarding legal decision-making and children's parenting plans. Additional accommodations and considerations for a workable family plan are often necessary.
  • Keeping a business: Maybe you built it yourself, but if it grew substantially during your marriage, there is a good chance that business is considered a community asset.
  • Case management: We can help if you do not have the time or interest in managing your case on a day-to-day basis.

Trusted Legal Advice For High-Asset Divorce

There are many unique challenges to high-asset divorce. Whether you choose to litigate or handle the matter outside of court, our staff will work to achieve or surpass your legal goals. Call 480-582-0043, or write us through our website. All initial consultations are free and confidential.