High-Conflict Divorce

Divorce these days can often be handled through mediation or negotiation without a major court battle. However, some cases are more difficult and heated. There is a lot of emotion controlling one or both spouses, and sometimes these feelings are deep-seated and go well beyond the marriage.

Many who become embroiled in high-conflict divorces do not want to be. These kinds of disputes are difficult for the couple and can be even worse for children who are caught in the middle. As experienced litigators with a long history of handling divorce cases here in Arizona, The Law Firm of M. Paul Fischer, P.C., can manage the back and forth and determine a workable solution.

Common Issues Couples Fight Over

Couples who fight often carry this over to divorce proceedings. Contentious issues include:

Going to court means letting a judge determine the outcome of your divorce. Judges are impartial and strive to do what is fair, but a couple risks much by abdicating control of their divorce to a judge. This scenario often includes additional attorney fees that would not otherwise be necessary because it draws out the legal process. Since this is in court, it is also worth noting that there is a public record of the proceedings — even sealed documents can later be unsealed.

Protecting Your Rights

Perhaps the other side is irrational and has unrealistic expectations, and sometimes the only way to protect your rights is in a court of law. Our lawyers' strong background in litigation will ensure that the settlement is fair and equitable no matter what the other side says or does. We will discuss your needs and goals and then determine a strategy that will have the greatest chance to meet or exceed those expectations.

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