Spousal Maintenance And Modifications

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Arizona's Spousal Maintenance Attorneys

Spousal maintenance, put simply, is about money. It is a legal obligation by a former spouse to help support their former partner. In Arizona there are four general tests that determine whether spousal maintenance is awarded. If any one of the following is met then an award of spousal maintenance may be issued. In summary they are:

  • One partner contributed to educational opportunities that benefited the other partner
  • The marriage was of a long duration and the age of the former partner affects their ability to support themselves
  • An assertion of insufficient property to provide for reasonable needs even after considering property apportioned to each
  • The former partner is unable to support themselves and/or is the residential parent of a child such that they should not be required to seek employment outside the home

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Our Acumen In Working With Complex Assets

Because of our attorneys' business skills and experience working on cases involving complex assets, we can help individuals develop a suitable proposal for spousal support payments, and when allowable, modify the proposal to conform to changing life circumstances.

Modifications to spousal support orders can be triggered by many events, including inheritance, loss of income, or other changes of economic circumstances.
Our lawyers understand the complexities of spousal support awards and modifications in high-asset cases, and work to ensure the best possible outcome for clients whatever the circumstances.
Whether you are seeking alimony, or have received a spousal maintenance claim, our divorce and family law attorneys can help.

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