What Is Medical Negligence?

Hospitals, clinics, doctors and other medical professionals can be sued for medical malpractice after a patient is injured or killed due to a negligent or reckless act. Medical malpractice cases are complex and rely on substantial proof that the health care professional acted below the standard of care and harmed the patient.

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What Is Medical Negligence?

Patients suffer many complications and injuries while receiving medical care so what is considered medical negligence under the law? Medical negligence claims need to prove that the medical professional or facility contributed to the patient's complication, injury or death.

Medical malpractice claims vary based on each situation, but they all need to include:

  • Lack or violation of standard of care. Medical professionals and facilities need to follow medical standards set by the medical community to keep their patients safe. Patients expect to be treated according to these standards. When this does not happen, it can be considered negligence.
  • The lack of care or violation led to a patient's injury. Victims need to prove that their injury or complication would not have occurred if the violation or negligence had never happened. The complication or injury needs to be related to the actions of the doctor or facility.
  • Significant damages resulted from the injury. Claims must show that the injury or complication will result in expensive medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, or hardship.

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